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Lawns - Never cut the grass too low as this will reduce the grass growth and will encourage weeds to take over, so leave at least 1/4 to 3/4 of grass and cut cross-ways/diagonal to stop ridging and to level. Remember a green and correctly cut lawn enhances your property! We give advice on the provision of the correct lawn mower for the job cylinder/rotary

Plants/Trees/Shrubs - Maintain regulary, water in dry conditions, fertilize and alwasy before planting check soil type, wind direction and climate condition i.e. sunny, shaded, dry or wet.

Spring - Spring is the time when new growth starts and the new flower buds appear on plants and roses. This is the time too cut roses down trim conifers, clear borders from dead leaves, mulch vegetable plots and tie new branches to trellis off the climbing shrubs. Days are getting longer so new growth will be starting so start planting new plants. When you first cut the grass lift the blades, do not cut too low/roll grass to remove worm casts, fertilize, lay turf if the weather is frost free, repot exsisting container plants with new compost and transfer to larger pots if pot bound.

Summer - May-July remove winter pansies, cut down leaves on daffodils/tulips, fertilize ground and start to plant summer bedding plants. Cut grass regulary. Remove clippings, edge lawns, moss control, weed and feed and add nitrogen fertiizer to green up lawns.

Autumn - August-October keep grass cut, rake leaves and think about winter plants like polyanthus/pansies for winter colour, plant spring bulbs, harvest vegetables and pick fruit, apples etc and store in a frost free shed. Generally keep the garden tidy.

Winter - November-February plant new trees, shrubs, roses, trim plants and prune as required. Order new catalogues, seeds, plants for next year, repair fences, maintain lawn mowers, equipment and plan the garden out for the next season.

We recommend before you say yes to any landscape contracting/maintance person you ask to see previous work undertaken

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