Lawn Care

lawncare, green grass, landscapinglawncare, grass seed, landscapinglawncare, green grass, landscaping

Contractors for all horticultural advice. We can give you advice on any problems you may be having within your lawns and help resolve them for you:

Grass Seeding/Laying

We construct lawns by rotovating the top soil to a fine tilth then we rake and level removing all debris. We then sow in a quality grass seed mixture for the correct location and soil type. We then use a roller to consolidate the ground. This can be done on new constructed lawns or re-seed old lawns.

We resource quality turf and prepare the ground and lay the turf adding fertilizers to the ground. We use boards to lay the turf to stop damaging the new turf.

Weed Control

We control annual weeds in grass by applying a safe selective herbicide by a knapsack spayer using at the correct dose. We check that there is no wind so not to drift over onto neighbouring properties/no animals around/we are careful whilst spraying around ponds/taking care of the environment and reading instructions. We wear approved HSE safety overalls and gloves.

We control Total weeds in none vegetable growth areas/drives/paths/around buildings and in areas not used for growing plants etc. Checking no pets/animals/fish ponds come into contact with spray and careful that there is no spray drift onto neighbouring properties again wearing the correct HSE overalls and gloves.

Moss Control

Using a petrol scarifer we rake out your dead grass/thatch to areate and encourage new growth in grass. We remove all debris from site.


We use a hollow tined rake to remove a plug of soil out of the ground and infill with sand/compost to improve the drainage.

Top Dressing

Using compost with fertilizers we spread over the lawn, and also level any low areas out.

Grass Cutting

We can maintain grass lawns on a weekly or fortnightly basis removing clippings and debris from the site by the use of rotary/cylinder mowers and can give advice on healthy growth and how to solve a problem.


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