Our Garden Landscaping Roots


Lincs Landscapes Co was started in 1950 by my late father Mr John Allen Storey.

His interested in gardening started whilst working for Pennells of Lincoln on Brant Road. He was first put into the plant nursery area and eventually worked his way through all departments before he left.

It was in one of these departments that he met my late mother Isobel Mary who worked as a seed analyst and tester. After being married for a while my father decided to start up his own gardening firm, so after a long and distinguished carrer he left Pennells to set up on his own.

He employed 7-10 employees and designed and landscaped many gardens and playing fields in his gardening career.



David Storey F.R.H.S


Born in Lincoln and I have lived here all my life.

I started to be involved with the business from an early age and was given a good start in life by my late father. I was given a Horticultural background and use of farm machinery.

After attending Cherry Willingham Secondary School at the age of 16 I went to study at Riseholme College of Agriculture near Lincoln on day release and then full time. Whilst I was there I went through Plant Identification/How to Man Manage/Animal Husbandary/Seed Bed Preparation/Prunning/Soft Fruit Growing/Plant Hormones and Growths/Machinery and Safe use of Chemicals. I obtained degrees and certificates with a A plus in all mentioned and a general Horticultural distinction.

I took over the control and running of the business Lincs Landscape Co after the loss of my father in December 1986 with the help of my late mother Isobel who passed away in 2009.

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